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Wholesale Products

With prices up to 75% off other stores in town and online, unfortunately Passport isn’t allowed by most of their suppliers to show on this website all of the beautiful and unique items that they have or how much they can save.  For example, this table above on Restoration Hardware is regularly $3460 but at Passport it is only $599 (similar size, material, & quality)!  Huge discounts like that make Passport’s competitors mad, and they’ve complained to many of Passport suppliers, who have then asked Passport to not display products on their website.

The best way to have Passport help you is by stopping by their store or calling them and letting their award-winning Interior Design team show you more options than what you will ever find online or at another store.  In fact, they literally have so many options in every furnishings category that their team of experts can help you find exactly what you need better and faster than any website or any other store.

If you already found an item online you like, please give Passport a call and they will be happy to help you ensure you’re getting the best item for the look and the lowest price possible (some items online look really nice but are actually very poor quality and won’t last after the return policy expires).  Passport delivers to customers anywhere in the U.S. but they don’t build the shipping into the item price so the closer you are the better it will be for you; however, they do have partnerships with many distribution centers around the country so there are exceptions to needing to be close to Passport’s stores.

Still hungry for pictures of products to see what we can do for you?  Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to get glimpses of some of the products and projects we’ve completed!